Focused on Fair

Focused on Fair

Focused on Fair Triangle

Fair isn’t just our favorite word in business, it’s the basis for our entire philosophy of property management. It’s how we approach every service we provide & treat every Tenant & Investor! Let me explain. But first, let’s consider the following questions.

  1. In the typical Property Management Company & Investor relationship, who is the customer?
  2. In the typical Property Management Company & Tenant relationship, who is the customer?
  3. In the typical Investor & Tenant relationship, who is the customer?

The Property Management business is one that for many, has complicated relationships. However, when your goal is to do the right thing by the Investor AND the Tenant, the relationships get less complicated. At American Midwest Realty, we want to work alongside the Investor to make sure they get the highest ROI possible. At the same time, we want to make sure that the Tenant always feels taken care of and has a safe, affordable place to live. We believe that we can do both at the same time.

By setting proper expectations, and by educating & training our Tenants, we believe we can prevent nagging maintenance costs, increase the amount of time a Tenant stays in a property, thus reducing Tenant turnover and increasing Investors’ ROI.

We also believe in urging Investors to provide quality appliances instead of the cheapest options on the market, charging a fair market rent, doing repairs immediately, as well as preventative maintenance, thus showing the Tenants they are valued.

If we treat our Tenants right and get our Investors the ROI they desire, then our jobs will be easier & more enjoyable. However, when we stop being focused on fair, Investors start looking to cut corners, and our Tenants don’t take care of the property they live in, then the vision falls apart. When each party is only focused on their outcome, they will get what they deserve, only when all parties are consistently focused on fair, will each party get what they desire.