Document Instructions:

To download any of the documents on this page, simply click on the link of the document you would like to download (a new window will open), right-click on your mouse, and select ‘Save As…’ Your document will be downloaded and saved to your computer. Then simply print out the document, fill it out, and return it to us.

For those who are comfortable using smartphones, you can download an App on your phone like CamScanner (Apple App, Android App), Genius Scan (Apple App, Android App), or something similar, take a clear photo of the filled-out documents, and attach the photos as a PDF to an email. Each app will attach the document in PDF form to the email. Fill out the email address fields ([email protected]) and send them back to us. This will automatically save a copy of the email in the ‘sent’ folder of your email account. You may also mail us the hard copies if you want. For questions please Contact our office.

Once all the documents are filled out & returned, we will set up your owner account within our management software (Buildium), and send you a welcome email with directions for logging in. Here you can run reports, edit your profile, see the current property or tenant information, etc. You can access your account by using the ‘Investor Portal‘ link in the main menu, or by clicking here.

We have created a checklist for you to track the documents we need, you can download that checklist here: New Owner Checklist.

Documents We Need Filled Out & Returned:

If you would like to have your properties set up using multiple accounts for things such as entities, trusts, or owners, we will need all of the following documents filled out for each entity, trust, or owner.

Additional Documents We Need Sent To Us:

  • A Copy of Your Property Deed (Or Your Closing Statement)
  • A Copy of the Operating Agreement of your LLC(s) (if Applicable)
  • A Copy of your LLC’s Article of Incorporation (if applicable)
  • Insurance Policy Declaration Page

South Bend Rental Property Requirements

If you own rental properties in the city of South Bend You MUST Register as a Landlord. They do not allow property management companies to register for the owner, owners must do it themselves. Failure to register your properties WILL result in fines.