For every service we provide, there are three parties that must win in order for us to be happy. The Investor, Tenant, & American Midwest Realty. Fair isn’t just a word we just use, it’s our favorite word in business. Experience why.

In a typical property management setup, it’s hard to know exactly who the companies client is. The Tenant is under the impression that they are the client, that the property management company should try to keep them happy and from moving out. However, the property management company must always keep the Investor’s priorities in mind, since too many maintenance calls could cause the Investor to take their properties somewhere else.

Many times the Investor views themselves as the property management companies client. After all, the Investor is the one who hired them in the first place. However, the company may not want to be as forthcoming with their practices or techniques because they may see the investor as a potential competitor. So, who really is the client in the Investor, Tenant, Property Management Company relationship? The truth is, each of the three parties should be considered a part of the same team. Each party deserves to be treated fairly by the other two parties, and each party deserves to be fairly compensated for their part of the relationship.

The Investor deserves to be treated fairly by the property management company, in terms of price and services provided, as well as the Tenant in the way the Tenant treats the property and makes payments. The Investor should feel confident that the best interests of the Investor are being looked out for and that the management company will help protect the Investors’ ROI. 

The Tenant deserves to be treated fairly by the property management company in the way they set expectations and treat the Tenant. The Tenant deserves to be treated fairly by the Investor, in the way that the Investor provides a safe, affordable, home for the Tenant to live in.

The Property Management Company deserves to be treated fairly by the Investor, specifically in regards to compensation. They also deserve to be treated fairly by the tenant, by the Tenant meeting the expectations of their agreement and following the procedures set in place.

When each party of the team is Focused on Fair, then and only then, will each party truly win.